Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New LoL Report System

Hey everyone,
I had allot of fun working on this. Thanks to all the people on the forums, classmates, and friends who help me make this idea somewhat a reality. I hope one day that Riot will implement this system. Merry Christmas!
Jarred Jobe
Power Point Presentation

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lofi Prototypes for the new Tribunal System

Lofi Prototypes:

Some concepts that a blogger from Riot and me came up with for the new system.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Interview Plan: League of Legends

My plan for this program was to fix the current league of legends matching system. I'm tossing my idea around on the forums, but I would like to meet with the lead developer, Ryan 'Morello' Scott at Riot games. 


Objective of Interview
-Figure out how we can change to player matching system to make it better for players who never get reported.

Date, Time, and Location
-To be determined

User Participants (names and titles/positions)
-Ryan 'Morello' Scott, Lead Designer @ Riot Games
Project Team Participants
-Jarred Jobe


1. How is the current system handling reported players?
2. Can we make a system to put reported players in there own bracket?
3. Will this system work on all game types?
4. Will this new system work?
5. What are some other possibilities besides implementing a new system?


Important decisions or answers to questions
- Refer to notes taken
Open items not resolved with assignments for solution
- Refer to notes taken

Date and time of next meeting or follow-up session
-To be determined

Reaching Out: League of Legends

Greetings Riot Games,

I am in HPU's Software Engineering and Systems Analysis class and I am purposing a change to the way the current player matching system matches players together. This project is a good way for me to gain experience in programming as well as helping a organization.

The changes I am purposing is simple. Whenever a players get reported a x number of times, they got put into a bracket. Players are then matched up with people only in that bracket of reports. I think this would make team play better and overall promote friendly play. If you are interested, I would like to meet and discuss more details about the project.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

Jarred Jobe

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stakeholders: Surfing Social Network

This idea was based on a social network for surfers here in Hawaii. The program would allow users to post reports, pictures and videos about surf spots here in Hawaii.

Surfers (Internal/Operational/Executive):  Surfers would the main stakeholders for this network, since they would be the ones fueling it. Surfing in Hawaii is huge and I know allot of people that would like to have this as a mobile app or website.

Surfing Companies (External/Operational): Big and small surf equipment retailers would also benefit from this social network though advertising. Who wouldn't want their boards on the front page. I have a couple of people i'm in contact with that could make this idea a reality.

Link to original post:

Stakeholders: Tornado warning system

This idea was based on a application for mobile devices that would track where you are, and if you were in the path of a tornado, provide an ETA for said tornado.

Customers (Internal/Operational/Executive):  The people who would benefit most from this app would be people who live in tornado alley. An advance warning system would decrease fatalities and property damages caused by tornadoes. I've tossed this idea to a couple of people I know and they said they would like to have it.

Weather Stations (External/Operational): I think cooperation with local meteorologist would increase the functionality of this app. Also a large mobile phone company would benefit from this app if it became popular. I don't have anyone right now that i could contact though.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stakeholders: New League of Legends Queing System

My idea was to create a better queuing system for LOL. The new system would match non-reported players with non-reported players and reported players with reported players.

Riot Games (Internal/Operational/Executive):  Riot games would be my main stakeholder, because i would need their approval to implement the new system. Riot games would gain from this, because players would play more effectively which in return would probably increase their fan base.

Players (External/Operational): The players will be benefiting from this new system change externally.  In my mind long time fans would love to see this change and it would also attract new players.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

League of Legends needs a new ranking system.

LOL ranking system

Problem Description:
Today the game League of Legends is the most popular game in the world. The reporting system in LOL has come along way, but still does not match non-reported players with non-reported players. Players who have been reported multiple times still have the same chance of getting matched up with a non-reported player as they do a reported player.

It is recommended that a new system is implement where if you get reported a certain amount of times, you be placed in a certain bracket based on how many times you have been reported. This will ensure non-reported players get matched up with other non-reported players and also promote better team play from every player. Players will lose the negative report if no other reports are committed after a certain time period.

System Capabilities:
The new system should be capable of:
• Collecting and storing information about each players report history.
• Put players into brackets by taking the number of reports the player has.
• Time since last report calculator.

Business Benefits
• The entire LOL community will play more cooperatively together, which will better the game
• Players will strive to get better and play as a team.
• The game will be more appealing to new comers with less toxic players.

Tornado Reporting System

Tornado Reporting System

Problem Description:
Tornadoes in the mainland U.S have been increasing ever year, for the past several years. Millions of dollars in damages and 100's of lives are lost, because of tornadoes. The current warning time for a tornado is 15 min, and this is hardly enough time for someone to escape a tornado.

It is recommended that a new system is implement where weather forecasters can give a area that will be affected and a estimated ETA for a certain spot in that affected area. Warnings will be sent via mobile app or though social networking. 

System Capabilities:
The new system should be capable of:
• Collecting information about the tornado's current location and estimated path. 
• Compute ETA times for user's in the affected areas.

Business Benefits:
• People living in the affected areas will now have more information about how much time they have to escape a tornadoes path.
• With warnings on mobile devices people will be alerted not matter where they are.

New surfing report system!

Surfing Report System

Problem Description:
Surfing in Hawaii has always been popular, but today's reporting system fails to incorporate social networking in there programming. With crowds, weather and the changing of conditions, surfers need a network where they can communicate with each other from all across the state.

It is recommended that a new system is implement where surfers can update reports and give reviews on the surfing spot for that day. This system also needs to allow surfers to communicate to each other though a social network.

System Capabilities:
The new system should be capable of:
• Collecting and storing information about different surf spots around the island.
• Collecting information about the spots conditions (IE. weather, tide, wind and surf height and direction)
• Taking pictures and videos of the spots (and/or uploading)
• Connecting via Wi-Fi (Internet) and transmitting data

Business Benefits:
• Surfers will now have a direct feed into someone who is at the spot, instead of watching a stream.
• Competitions can become bigger with incorporation of social media.
• Less time searching the island for a good spot and more time surfing.

Friday, September 13, 2013

What is Ruby?

Ruby is a dynamic, reflective, object-oriented, general-purpose programming language. It was designed and developed in the mid-1990s by Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto in Japan.

Whats good about Ruby?

Everything in Ruby is an object, so Ruby is the definition of a object oriented language. Not lke C++ or java, where you have object types and value types. Ruby is a programming language for the world wide web. Ruby is also free. Ruby doesn't cost anything to download or use for any purpose. Ruby is also free software, meaning any user of Ruby is free to see and modify the source code according to their needs.

Whats bad about Ruby?

Although Ruby is convenient, it is also slow. Languages like C++ and java are much faster. Also if you don't like object oriented programming, Ruby is not for you!

Whats the conclusion?

Ruby's creator says he was “trying to make Ruby natural, not simple, in a way that mirrors life." he also says that " Ruby is simple in appearance, but is very complex inside, just like our human body."

Overall, Ruby is great at handling exceptions, is highly portable, and is very flexible.

Go to to learn more about Ruby!