Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tornado Reporting System

Tornado Reporting System

Problem Description:
Tornadoes in the mainland U.S have been increasing ever year, for the past several years. Millions of dollars in damages and 100's of lives are lost, because of tornadoes. The current warning time for a tornado is 15 min, and this is hardly enough time for someone to escape a tornado.

It is recommended that a new system is implement where weather forecasters can give a area that will be affected and a estimated ETA for a certain spot in that affected area. Warnings will be sent via mobile app or though social networking. 

System Capabilities:
The new system should be capable of:
• Collecting information about the tornado's current location and estimated path. 
• Compute ETA times for user's in the affected areas.

Business Benefits:
• People living in the affected areas will now have more information about how much time they have to escape a tornadoes path.
• With warnings on mobile devices people will be alerted not matter where they are.

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