Wednesday, September 18, 2013

League of Legends needs a new ranking system.

LOL ranking system

Problem Description:
Today the game League of Legends is the most popular game in the world. The reporting system in LOL has come along way, but still does not match non-reported players with non-reported players. Players who have been reported multiple times still have the same chance of getting matched up with a non-reported player as they do a reported player.

It is recommended that a new system is implement where if you get reported a certain amount of times, you be placed in a certain bracket based on how many times you have been reported. This will ensure non-reported players get matched up with other non-reported players and also promote better team play from every player. Players will lose the negative report if no other reports are committed after a certain time period.

System Capabilities:
The new system should be capable of:
• Collecting and storing information about each players report history.
• Put players into brackets by taking the number of reports the player has.
• Time since last report calculator.

Business Benefits
• The entire LOL community will play more cooperatively together, which will better the game
• Players will strive to get better and play as a team.
• The game will be more appealing to new comers with less toxic players.

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