Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New surfing report system!

Surfing Report System

Problem Description:
Surfing in Hawaii has always been popular, but today's reporting system fails to incorporate social networking in there programming. With crowds, weather and the changing of conditions, surfers need a network where they can communicate with each other from all across the state.

It is recommended that a new system is implement where surfers can update reports and give reviews on the surfing spot for that day. This system also needs to allow surfers to communicate to each other though a social network.

System Capabilities:
The new system should be capable of:
• Collecting and storing information about different surf spots around the island.
• Collecting information about the spots conditions (IE. weather, tide, wind and surf height and direction)
• Taking pictures and videos of the spots (and/or uploading)
• Connecting via Wi-Fi (Internet) and transmitting data

Business Benefits:
• Surfers will now have a direct feed into someone who is at the spot, instead of watching a stream.
• Competitions can become bigger with incorporation of social media.
• Less time searching the island for a good spot and more time surfing.

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