Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Reaching Out - Surfing Hawaii Club

Greetings Surfing Hawaii Members,

I am in HPU's Software Engineering and Systems Analysis class and I am purposing to create a webpage that will display our meeting times. This project is a good way for me to gain experience in programming as well as helping our organization.

The webpage I'm planning on building will be simple and easy to navigate. Members will have the option to create and edit meeting times. Also, current members will have an option to select rather they our attending or not. Non - members will be able to register and see meeting times as well, which will help us reach out to new members. If anyone has any ideas on the webpage, feel free to email me at

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.


Jarred Jobe

Stakeholders: Local Surfing Club

Local Surfing Club

The plan is to create a website which will display meeting times and who can attend. The website should be able to create, edit and display meeting times and provide a option for members to select rather they're attending or not.

Members (Internal/Operational/Executive): Current Members would be the primary stakeholders, because the webpage would provide a service for them. It will help the club organize meetings easier.

Non - Members (External/Operational): People looking to join the club now have a webpage to see when the next meeting time is and all the peoples name who are attending. Thinking of also creating a page where people can register and join the club online.

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Stakeholders: Local Surf Shop

Local Surf Shop

The plan is to create a database that can track over 100 pieces of equipment and supplies. The database also needs to be accessed from anywhere, so it will have to be on a server.

Tony (Internal/Operational/Executive): Tony would the main stakeholders for this database. This database would help his business be more profitable.

Customers (External/Operational): Customers would benefit from the server by possibly making the database a webpage so they can see if Tony has the supplies needed.

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Surfing Club

Local Surfing Club

Problem Description:
A few buddies and me have this club where we get together and watch surfing competitions. We have about 20 members and we all have busy lifestyles. 

One problem we are having is organizing club meeting times and keeping track on who is attending. The plan is to create a website which will display meeting times and who can attend.
System Capabilities:
The system should be able to:
• Create, edit and display meeting times.
• Have a option for people to enter rather there attending or not.

Business Benefits:
• Members of the club will be able to easily check meetings times and see who is attending.
• This will overall make the meetings.

Local Surf Shop Equipment Datatbase

Tony's Surf Board Repair

Problem Description:
My friend Tony has a small surf shop and he is having a problem keep track of his equipment and supplies.  He has over 100 pieces of equipment and supplies that he wants me to create a database where he can keep track of everything. He also wants to be able to access the database from anywhere, so it will have to be on a server.

System Capabilities:
The database system should be able to:
• Collecting and storing information about each piece of equipment or supplies.
• Database hosted on a server for access anywhere.

Business Benefits
• The database will help Tony keep track of his equipment, which will help with accountability.
• The database will help him keep track of how much supplies he has and tell him if he needs to order more.
• Overall it will save him time and money.