Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Local Surf Shop Equipment Datatbase

Tony's Surf Board Repair

Problem Description:
My friend Tony has a small surf shop and he is having a problem keep track of his equipment and supplies.  He has over 100 pieces of equipment and supplies that he wants me to create a database where he can keep track of everything. He also wants to be able to access the database from anywhere, so it will have to be on a server.

System Capabilities:
The database system should be able to:
• Collecting and storing information about each piece of equipment or supplies.
• Database hosted on a server for access anywhere.

Business Benefits
• The database will help Tony keep track of his equipment, which will help with accountability.
• The database will help him keep track of how much supplies he has and tell him if he needs to order more.
• Overall it will save him time and money.

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