Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Interview Plan: League of Legends

My plan for this program was to fix the current league of legends matching system. I'm tossing my idea around on the forums, but I would like to meet with the lead developer, Ryan 'Morello' Scott at Riot games. 


Objective of Interview
-Figure out how we can change to player matching system to make it better for players who never get reported.

Date, Time, and Location
-To be determined

User Participants (names and titles/positions)
-Ryan 'Morello' Scott, Lead Designer @ Riot Games
Project Team Participants
-Jarred Jobe


1. How is the current system handling reported players?
2. Can we make a system to put reported players in there own bracket?
3. Will this system work on all game types?
4. Will this new system work?
5. What are some other possibilities besides implementing a new system?


Important decisions or answers to questions
- Refer to notes taken
Open items not resolved with assignments for solution
- Refer to notes taken

Date and time of next meeting or follow-up session
-To be determined

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